VHS Teacher Training - Online Teaching Methodologies


Online Teaching Methodologies is a 6-week graduate level online course that introduces the pedagogy, methodology, and moderation techniques that prepares educators to effectively teach a VHS course. Facilitators monitor each participant’s progress, grade assignments, and provide mentoring. Participants prepare online teacher resources, practice moderation techniques, and participate in collaborative activities with their peers and instructor. The course takes place within the same learning management system used to deliver all VHS courses. Upon completion of the Online Teaching Methodologies course and D2L training, teachers will be ready to offer their course through VHS.

Participation Requirements

New VHS teachers take this course entirely over the Internet. Participants should expect approximately 10-12 hours of coursework per week. Participants are required to log in and post in their class at least four times per week. 

Available Courses

Each applicant must be approved to teach a specific course. Approval is based on the teacher’s qualifications and certification. A list of courses available for the next session can be found below. If there is no course of interest on the list, please contact VHS Supervisor of Instruction, Susan Leavey to discuss course options.


Open: Advanced Placement, Business, STEM, Social Studies, World Language, OJSC, or Life Skills/Health


Online Teaching Methodologies is offered three times a year - in the spring, summer and fall.

Upcoming Training Dates

  • March 22, 2017
Application Form
To apply for Online Teaching Methodologies, please complete the VHS Teacher Application and Participation Contract.


Online Teaching Methodologies is offered free of charge as part of a school's teaching membership.

For more information, please email our PD Manager.