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Gifted and talented students excel in VHS Honors courses. We offer your students the opportunity to learn about the world, explore interests and career paths, and ultimately, discover more about themselves through challenging classes with stimulating subject matter.

Students considering a career in the medical field are encouraged to take Anatomy and Physiology, or delve further into the sciences with electives such as Genes and Disease or Bioethics. Those with a passion for wildlife preservation or just a love of four-legged friends may opt to select Animal Behavior and Zoology, Oceanography, or our vastly popular Preveterinary Medicine. Promising investors, policy makers, and attorneys can learn the fundamentals by taking Economics, Government, or Constitutional Law; and depending upon what type of star gazers you have enrolled, we offer Astronomy Principles and the History of Photography. Gifted students can also engage in discussions about great thinkers from ancient to modern times in Eastern and Western Thought, and come to know about diverse beliefs and lifestyles in their Cultural Identity Through Literature courses.

With more than one hundred online Honors courses to choose from, The VHS Collaborative opens up a world of possibilities for your talented middle and high school students that would be otherwise unavailable through traditional teachings.

To view Honors courses, visit our course catalog and select "Honors" under "Course level."