Quality Indicators

How do you measure quality?

The Virtual High School continuously strives to help students develop important 21st century global learning skills. History shows that VHS students are self-motivated and learn to work within a global community of learners.

Success Rates

79% of students taking VHS courses successfully complete their course.

In 2014, the Advanced Placement (AP) pass rate for students taking an AP VHS course was 68%, compared to the national AP exam rate of 59%.

Annual Member Evaluation

Each year, VHS surveys superintendents, principals, teachers, and site coordinators from its member schools about their satisfaction with VHS services: programs, courses, professional development, online collaboration and the VHS community. We use member feedback to continuously improve our services and support. Of the member superintendents recently surveyed, 94% were satisfied with the VHS program, and 92% of principals surveyed told us the VHS program helped their students develop independent learning skills.

Independent Evaluation

American Institute for Research (formerly known as LearningPoint Associates) is an independent evaluator for the VHS Formative Evaluation, and for the VHS Online APĀ® Academy.

SRI Incorporated, an independent evaluator of VHS, has produced numerous reports detailing their evaluations. Following are the executive summaries, complete reports, and supplemental reports of SRI's evaluation of VHS:

A five year summary by independent evaluator SRI international is available in the book The Virtual High School: Teaching Generation V, by Andrew Zucker and Robert Kozma, Copyright 2003, SRI International.