Flexible Courses

Motivated, independent learners have the option to enroll in one of our flexible courses for credit recovery. 

Enrollment in the VHS Flexible Courses program is on a rolling basis, and students progress through the coursework at their own pace - potentially completing their studies earlier or later than the assigned course end date. Courses generally take 4-8 weeks, but students may take up to 15 weeks to complete.

As with all VHS courses, these classes are taught by highly qualified online teachers.


1 Credit Courses - $400
Algebra 1 Flex | Algebra 2 Flex
Geometry Flex | Biology Flex
English 9 Flex | English 10 Flex
English 11 Flex | English 12 Flex

.5 Credit Courses - $225
Health Flex | Personal Finance Flex
U.S. History 1877-Present Flex
U.S. History: Colonial America-1877 Flex

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For additional information please email our Registrar at registrar@TheVHS.org.